How to start

How to start:
Contact me to book a free, no strings attached, 15 minute call for you to get an idea of who I am and for me to get an idea of whether I am the best person for you to come and see.

Frequency depends largely on your question and where you are at. However, usually a two week interval to start with is a good indication. This both ensures continuity and helps the process of moving forward, as well as providing sufficient time to let things sink in and to experiment with new behaviour or exercises you’ve been given.

Wondering how to start the process of positive changes in your relationship? Give me a call or text me.

Individual (relationship) coaching: for 60 minutes: €110,-
Couple counselling and coaching: for 90 minutes: €165,-

The above fees include BTW.

For ZZP:                                          €112,50 per 60 minutes BTW excluded
For companies and organisations : €148,50 per 60 minutes BTW excluded


There is no charge for cancellations more than two days in advance. Cancellations less than 48-hours prior to our appointment are charged with 50% of the fee. A no-show or a cancellation within 24-hours of our appointment will be  charged in  the full amount. COVID-19 infection excluded.

All information disclosed in the sessions remains confidential.

I work at different locations:

Linnaeushof 6
1098 KH Amsterdam

Westzijde 78
1506 EG Zaandam

Mellum 14
1506 BM Zaandam