Life sometimes throws you a curve ball. And then you find yourself in a place (here on this page?) you never imagined yourself to be. Starting with the good news: know that most of us have experienced loss, doubts, loneliness or feeling troubled. So have I.

It is good to know that in times like these you can reach out, call someone, talk to someone. Friends or family or a professsional. To help you get back to yourself and to what you want, to gain perspective, to come to a positive decision.

What are some of the issues you could come to me for?

Couple counselling:

Maybe you recognise some of this:

  • You struggle with tension, blame and arguments, home feels like an exhausting minefield
  • You don’t seem to talk to each other anymore, apart form the practicalities of daily/family life
  • You feel a loss of connection, of loneliness
  • There has been a breach of trust, maybe because of infidelity, and it is hard to move forward together.
  • You used to love your partner but these days all you feel is irritation
  • You feel stuck in negative patterns of behaviour and communication
  • You feel like you have a choice to make, but don’t know how
  • You have decided to separate and want to find a way to do so consciously, without collateral damage
  • You are dealing with exes, (step)children and the whole blended family which doesn’t seem to blend

Individual coaching

  • Maybe some of this is true for you:
  • You have a hard decision to make, but how do you go about it?
  • You are finding it hard to say no to everyone around you
  • You are feeling overwhelmed by all the demands placed upon you
  • You are in your twenties or thirties and are facing several difficult choices
  • You wonder: How will I manage to do everything I want to do/ have to do?
  • You question yourself: Is this relationship working  for me?