How it works

How it works:
Contact me to book a free, no strings attached, 15 minute call for you to get an idea of who I am and for me to get an idea of whether I am the best person for you to come and see.

(Frequency depends largely on your question and where you are at, usually a two week interval to start with is a good indication.)

Individual (relationship) coaching: for 60 minutes:
Couple counselling and coaching:  for 90 minutes:
All fees include BTW


There is no charge for cancellations more than two days in advance. Cancellations less than 48-hours prior to our appointment are charged with 50% of the fee. A no-show or a cancellation within 24-hours of our appointment will be  charged in  the full amount. COVID-19 infection excluded.

All information disclosed in the sessions remains confidential

I work at several locations:

Linnaeushof 6
1098 KH Amsterdam

Westzijde 78
1506 EG Zaandam

Mellum 14
1506 BM Zaandam